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Tenderfoot Fire June 12, 2016    update as of 7 a.m.

Tenderfoot Fire June 12, 2016 update as of 7 a.m.

Tenderfoot Fire June 12, 2016 7 a.m.

 Latitude: 34 12 .72 Longitude: 112 44 .73
 Near Yarnell, Arizona

Fire Start Date: June 8, 2016

Size: approximately 4,040 acres
Containment: 30%

Cause: human, under investigation
Personnel Assigned: approximately 420

Vegetation: oak grassland and brush
Growth Potential: low

Summary: The fire growth has been minimal due to yesterday’s favorable weather conditions and cooler nighttime temperatures. Aerial firefighting resources allowed ground fire crews to direct attack the fire on the north side. Crews continue to patrol fire lines on the perimeter of the fire near Yarnell and along the east side of the fire.
Aerial resources have used 280,000 gallons of water and 250,000 gallons of fire retardant to fight this fire.
Incident Commander Sinclair has stated, “We continue to actively fight this fire while providing safety measures for our firefighters and the public. I am appreciative of everyone’s cooperation of the modified speed limits through the areas that have increased traffic due to fire personnel in the area.”
Although State Highway 89 is open through Yarnell, traffic controls are in effect for a travel speed of 25 mph through the town due to fire traffic. Motorists are asked to slow down in Peeples Valley due to increased vehicle traffic coming from Hays Ranch Road.
There are no evacuations at this time.
At 6:00 a.m., the closure order was rescinded for Wagoner Road.
Today at 4:00 p.m., a Community Meeting is being hosted at the Community Presbyterian Church 16455 Table Top Way in Yarnell.
Resources Assigned:
 6 Hotshot crews, 2 Type 2 initial attack crews
 27 Engines
 2 light, 3 heavy helicopter
 2 air attack fixed wing aircraft platforms
 3 bulldozers
 various overhead and support personnel
MODIS Fire Detection Satellite Data: A map of current MODIS Fire Detections is available at
MODIS fire detection data representing heat sensed by satellite is updated several times throughout the day, providing near real-time information. Each 1 km MODIS fire detection is depicted as a point representing the centroid of the 1 km pixel where the fire is detected. They are categorized by time of detection; last 6, 12 and 24 hours, and all detections previous within the last 24 hour period. The MODIS data represents heat, but sometimes can be misleading as it may pick up heat from a smoke column, etc. outside the fire’s perimeter. However, it can help provide a sense of where the fire is most active throughout the day.
MODIS Fire Detection data is also available in Google Earth: You need to have Google Earth open on your computer before opening layers. To install Google Earth visit
To View Wildfire Data in Google Earth on an iPhone or iPad: Use the Safari Browser to go to, then click on the KML file you want to view, and select Open in Google Earth.

Fire Information: The following sites are available for more information:
Text Message: text “follow Tenderfootfire1” to 40404
Evacuations lifted 6-11-16

Evacuations lifted 6-11-16

Tenderfoot fire update.
Tenderfoot Fire Update 6/11/16

Tenderfoot Fire Update 6/11/16

Slow fire growth over past 24 hours

Saturday June 11, 2016 [Morning] from
Fire: Tenderfoot Fire Total Personnel: 353 Acres: 4040 Start Date: June 8, 2016 Cause: Human, Under Investigation Location: Near Yarnell, AZ Containment: 10% Fuels/Topography: Oak grassland, brush and rugged terrain
Yesterday: Cloud cover and slightly higher humidity slowed fire growth over the last 24 hours. Fire crews improved existing fire lines between Yarnell and the fire and put indirect fire line along the east side of Highway 89 north from Yarnell. There was significant helicopter and air tanker activity throughout the day. Aircrews dropped water and retardant to slow fire growth to the northeast.

APS restored power to the Town of Yarnell today. The majority of APS crews have left the town leaving a small crew in town to ensure power remains.

Today: Firefighters will continue to improve existing fire line and evaluate the safest location to confront the fire. Increased heat and lower humidity throughout the day will result in increased fire behavior today. Slight afternoon winds are expected out of the southwest.

“I am very happy with the progress crews are making in the field,” said Alan Sinclair, Incident Commander. “Weather conditions and good planning allowed firefighters to put together a good strategy to fight this fire while ensuring the safety of our crews.”

Closures: The residents in Yarnell east of Highway 89 are still under mandatory evacuation. Highway 89 is open and we are asking motorists traveling in the area south of Yarnell to north of Peoples valley to slow and be aware of fire crews on the roadways. Wagoner Road is closed east of Highway 89. Additionally, a precautionary alert is still in effect for homeowners on the west side of Highway 89 in Peeples Valley should circumstances require they be ready to evacuate.

Resources Assigned:
 9 Hotshot crews
 22 Engines
 2 light, 3 heavy helicopter
 2 air attack fixed wing aircraft platforms
 2 bulldozers
 Various overhead and support personnel

Fire Information:
Text Message: text “follow Tenderfootfire1” to 40404
Highway 89 through Yarnell to Reopen ---

Highway 89 through Yarnell to Reopen ---

Highway 89, both north and south of Yarnell, will reopen at 4 PM today –

Please note the following restrictions –


- The west side of Highway 89 in Yarnell will be open to all residents and businesses.

- Travel slowly and cautiously through town as fire crews and law enforcement will be working throughout the town- SPEED LIMITS WILL BE ENFORCED –

- Areas around Wagoner Road, east of Highway 89 and north of Peeples Valley, remain closed -

On behalf of all the amazing fire crews, deputies, DPS officers and other volunteer groups, we truly appreciate your patience during this incident. As many know and witnessed, fire crews and aircraft support did an amazing job the first fire day to protect the town of Yarnell. YCSO thanks all those who cooperated in a very hasty evacuation as deputies went door to door making contact with residents. We also heard that many residents received their Code Red, Emergency Notification, and followed the instructions without hesitation. Those with handicaps were prioritized and removed quickly and safely – Thanks to Lifeline Ambulance for their assistance –


Reentry and Recovery Food Safety

As the community prepares for reentry below are some Food Safety recommendations. A dumpster is being provided for disposal of FOOD ONLY. The Dumpster will be located at the Yarnell Presbyterian Community Church, 16455 W Table Top Way, Yarnell, and AZ 85362. FOOD ONLY.
• Food Safety. Since electric power may have been off for several days, certain refrigerated foods may need to be thrown out:
 All leftovers or cooked foods, raw meats, and lunchmeats
 Any dairy products including cheeses, eggs, seed sprouts, cut melons
 Prepared foods such as store-bought deli salads

You can safely keep things like ketchup, mustard, jams/jellies, store bought salad dressing and pickles/relish. Be sure to check fruits and vegetables for mold. Canned and packaged foods in pantries are safe unless exposed to extreme fire heat.

Check frozen food for thawing and refreezing that might have happened when the power was lost and then restored (example: large ice crystals in the food, or frozen liquid at the bottom of container). If thawed and refrozen is obvious throw away product.

It is cheaper to replace the food than to risk your health by taking a chance. If in doubt, throw it out! For more information call us at (928)771-3149.

Tenderfoot Fire Update

Tenderfoot Fire Update

Tenderfoot Fire Update 6-10-16. Fire is at 3,300 acres, this is accurate as of this morning. A Type II team has taken command this morning.

The fire remains pushing to the North East. Evacuations remain.
The shelter is currently open at the Yavapai College 1100 E. Sheldon Street, Prescott. Red Cross is running the shelter and Animal Disaster Services is on site to take small pets. Larger animals can be taken to the Prescott Rodeo Grounds at 840 Rodeo Drive, Prescott.

APS is still on site working on restoring power to the area. There is currently no set tme for completion.

HWY 89 SR 89 remains closed from mileposts 275-282. There is no estimated time to reopen.

Yavapai County Phone Bank remains open for public phone calls, 928-442-5103.

Please visit for addtioanl fire updates.
Mandatory Evacuations

Mandatory Evacuations

2:00 p.m. Incident Command is calling for Mandatory evacuations of the East side of Hwy 89 at Peeples Valley.
The shelter remains at Yavapai College.
Tenderfoot Fire Update

Tenderfoot Fire Update

On the afternoon of June 8th, 2016 a wildfire began on the east side of HWY 89 off Old Stage Road.

Yavapai County Emergency Operations Center was opened in support of the response with personnel on scene to coordinate requests.

Yarnell was evacuated and the shelter is currently open at the Yavapai College 1100 E. Sheldon Street, Prescott. Red Cross is running the shelter and Animal Disaster Services is on site to take small pets. Larger animals can be taken to the Prescott Rodeo Grounds at 840 Rodeo Drive, Prescott.

During the fire, power was lost in Yarnell. APS has been on scene throughout the night and as of this morning power has been restored to half of the community. Once the area is safe for personnel to enter, APS will be working on damaged poles.

HWY 89 SR 89 remains closed at Yarnell for a wildfire. The closure is from mileposts 275-282. There is no estimated time to reopen.

Yavapai County has a Phone Bank open for public phone calls, 928-442-5103.

Updates will continue to be posted on as they are available.

Tenderfoot Fire Fact Sheet Current as of June 8, 2016, 2200
Date Started: June 8, 2016
Cause: Under Investigation
Current Acres: 600+ acres
Evacuations: 250-300 Residents; Status: Mandatory being conducted by Yavapai County Sherriff
Evacuation Center: Yavapai College
Structures: 0 homes; 3 out buildings
Injuries: 0
Firefighters have made good progress as they have entered the evening. They were able to successfully utilize existing fuel breaks in combination with aviation resources, fire engines and crews creating handline and black line/burn outs to make some significant progress protecting homes. Fire is on the East side of Yarnell, the 2013 Yarnell Hill Fire was on the West side.
1- Air Attack, 1- Lead Plane, 3- Airtankers ( 1 DC10/Very Large Airtanker and 2 SEATS/Single engine airtankers), 2 –Helicopters, 2 – Type 1 Hotshot Crews, 1- 1- Type 2 Initial Attack Crew, 1- 1- Type 2 Crew, 5- Engines, 2-Watertenders
Tenderfoot Fire Update

Tenderfoot Fire Update

Per BLM --- fire estimated at 400 acres aircraft created a line of fire suppression material around the east side of the town -- fire has laid down in some areas, but very active in others -- a PIO from BLM will be on scene at some point to provide a briefing -- Deputies continue to evacuate residents, and are focusing on those with handicaps -- Ambulance service has made several runs to assist n this efforet-- so far, no injuries have been reported.
Evacuations in Yarnell

Evacuations in Yarnell

Evacuations currently in affect for Yarnell due to a brush fire (Tenderfoot Fire) threatening structures. Shelter has been set up at the Prescott Yavapai College 1100 E Sheldon. Animals Disaster Services is on site for small animals and large animals can be taken to the Prescott Rodeo Grounds 840 Rodeo Drive, Prescott.
CLOSURE: SR 89 is closed in both directions from MP 275 to North end Mountain air.

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