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Firewise Reminders
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Firewise Reminders

Please pay close attending to the chains and equipment on your vehicles and trailers. One spark can quickly turn into a roadside fire and spread to neighbors. Firewise reminders 2018.pdf

DON’T WAIT - clean up around your properties to improve your home’s chance of surviving a wildfire and help protect the firefighters and other emergency responders.

Home Ignition Zone: If you live next to a natural vegetation area, you should provide firefighters with the space they need to protect your home. Create a buffer zone by removing weeds, brush, and other vegetation. This helps keep the fire away from your home and reduces the risk from flying embers.

Consider This: Flammable vegetation between and around homes and outbuildings increases the risk of wildfire spreading throughout the community, endangering lives and property. Pre-fire planning, vegetation management, and sufficient breaks in vegetation allow firefighters an opportunity to keep fire from entering the community.

Did you know - wildfire embers can travel over one mile. A home within one mile of a natural area is considered a part of an ember zone, where wind-driven embers can be a risk to your property. You and your home must be prepared well before a fire occurs. Ember fires can destroy homes or neighborhoods far from the actual front of the fire.


Register with the Emergency Notification System (Code Red) at:

Evacuations may be mandated by any number of events: fire, flood, hazardous materials, and earthquakes to name a few. The actual evacuation of any area is the primary responsibility of Law Enforcement. Under extreme conditions, other agencies’ staff and volunteers may assist in evacuations. Evacuation warning and recommendations are broadcast by every means available, including: radio, television, CodeRED®, weather radio, Law Enforcement and associated volunteers (VIPs, Jeep Posse, etc.), fire vehicles, public address, and door-to-door.
Evacuation Levels

READY— This notification warns residents that a major incident exists in their area. They should monitor local media outlets & web sites for information. Residents with access and functional needs should take note and begin making arrangements to evacuate. Assemble your emergency supply kit (Go Kit).

SET — Be Prepared - This notification indicates there is a significant danger to your area. Grab your Go kit. Residents should either be ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice or voluntarily relocate to a shelter or with family/friends.

GO! —Mandatory - An evacuation order indicates that danger to your area is current or imminent and you should leave immediately. Follow instructions from emergency personnel and listen to local media for further instructions regarding the evacuations. 

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